Develop greater self-knowledge

You are invited to an introductory day of the Enneagram, a system that draws upon ancient wisdom to facilitate understanding and insight into yourself and others. Knowing yourself and seeing who you truly are is powerful. Especially in a sense that no one can then convince you of who you should be, once you know who you are. The Enneagram is a nine-point model of human behavioural patterns, which are drawn from ancient teachings and remain valid today.

Many of us wonder why we sometimes act in compulsive ways and continually repeat patterns of behaviour which create problems for us. These life patterns can sometimes leave us feeling lost, misunderstood, betrayed, anxious or tired. The Enneagram is a comprehensive system that initiates people into an exploration of themselves and the many ways they respond to life. Through this system we gain a deeper understanding that assists us to make conscious choices about our life and interactions with others.

This interactive Enneagram day will provide you with:

A full 16-page Enneagram Type Indicator report

An understanding of your personal and interpersonal styles

A broader appreciation of yourself and your behaviour

Insights into the behaviour of others

A recognition of your interpersonal strengths and weaknesses

Insights into new ways to interact with others.

By participating in the Enneagram Day, you will be provided with:

A link to take a professional Enneagram assessment on-line

Professional guidance in interpreting the mental, behavioural and spiritual aspects of your Enneagram assessment

A comprehensive set of Enneagram notes

A facilitated forum to review your Enneagram profile and gain greater insights into yourself and others (family, friends or work colleagues).


Kerryn Ashford-Hatherly

Michael Tunnecliffe

Seminar fee:

$99 per person

Bring a family member / friend = $155 (2 people)

To book your place on-line, go to: https://www.stickytickets.com.au


Kerryn Ashford-Hatherly

Michael Tunnecliffe

Further Information

Phone: 0455 455 855

E-mail: info@ashcliffe.com.au