Employee Assistance Program

Ashcliffe Psychology  is a provider of Employee Assistance Services to a number of small to medium organisations and a range of client organisations. These include resource sector contractors, transportation, energy generation, trades, law enforcement, security, human services and a number of government agencies.

Ashcliffe delivers counselling services via face-to-face appointments at our West Perth Office, Phone Counselling and Telehealth, using a secure Zoom link. We can also guide clients through on-line counselling or therapy, with well-established providers.

All of these services are conducted in the strictest confidence.

These services provide confidential counselling to employees, as well as training, mental health and well-being consulting services.

The issues employees commonly present with include:

  • Relationship problems
  • Anxiety concerns
  • Depression and mood problems
  • Parenting and family issues
  • Stress and coping problems
  • Sleep and fatigue issues
  • Conflict problems
  • Alcohol and Drug misuse

Leader Support Service

Ashcliffe also provides a Leader Support Service, which allows Managers and Supervisors to call, in confidence, for advice regarding a work situation or concerns about someone in their team. These calls are responded to by an Ashcliffe Director.


When an employee is due to return to work after an incident or absence, or there are concerns about that person’s mental health, that employee may be referred for a FFW Assessment. FFW assessments often occur whenever there is an objective and reasonable basis for believing that the employee may be unable to safely and/or effectively perform his or her duties due to a psychological condition or impairment. This may be after a long illness, family trauma, injury, or serious safety or AOD breach. It also occurs when the employer is seeking confirmation that the employee is psychologically fit to return to work, beyond a medical practitioner’s opinion. Ashcliffe Psychology can provide a detailed outline of what a FFW assessment entails and how to make a FFW referral info@ashcliffe.com.au


Ashcliffe Psychology provides a range of customised training courses for client organisations. These include, Mental Health Awareness and Mental Health First-aid, Building Resilience, Sleep and Fatigue Management, Suicide Awareness and Prevention, Critical Incident Response, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Behavioural De-escalation, Social Styles and Communication Skills. Full course outlines are available upon request: info@ashcliffe.com.au

Frequently Asked Questions - Employee Assistance Program - Ashcliffe Psychology

Who operates Ashcliffe Psychology Perth?

Ashcliffe Psychology is the trading name for Ashcliffe Pty Ltd. Directors are Kerryn Ashford-Hatherly and Michael Tunnecliffe, both of whom are experienced Clinical Psychologists with a background in managing EAP services for both private companies and government agencies.

How can our people make contact with Ashcliffe to book an EAP appointment?

We have a dedicated EAP number 1800 468 001, or via email: eap@ashcliffe.com.au

Counselling is offered across a number of mediums to accommodate client needs. We provide ‘in person’ sessions at our West Perth Office, or clients can opt for phone counselling, face time or telehealth using our secure Zoom link.

How many Counselling Sessions are our employees eligible for via the EAP?

This depends on our agreement with your employer (usually between 4 and 6 sessions).

Can an employee’s immediate family members (partner / children) access the EAP?

This also depends on the agreement we have with your employer. Many employers allow access for immediate family members.

How does Ashcliffe ensure the confidentiality of EAP sessions?

Ashcliffe provides clients with a brochure, Ensuring Your Privacy. As health professionals, we do not disclose information without the client’s consent, except where failure to disclose would likely result in an imminent threat of serious bodily harm to the client or others, or where required by law. EAPs do not disclose the names of anyone using the service to their employer without consent. 

Can our organisation arrange an EAP information session at one of our offices?

Yes, we are happy to do these, either in person or via a tele-link. Please phone or email us.

Does Ashcliffe provide feedback on the utilisation of the EAP services?

Yes, we provide anonymised feedback on the overall number of sessions provided and general reasons for support accessed. This may be every 3 or 6 months, depending on the size of the client organization.

Does Ashcliffe Psychology have branches interstate?

No, we are WA-based and operate from our office in West Perth. However, upon request, we can provide counselling and webinar training around Australia via Telehealth, Teams or Zoom. This is sometimes requested.

Who are the Ashcliffe staff who provide EAP services?

Ashcliffe have a team of qualified and experienced staff, who are all well-qualified and professionally accredited. Their details of our Team are on our website.

How can we access Ashcliffe EAP materials for inductions and information sessions?

Yes, we are happy to send EAP cards and brochures to you at no cost. Please contact our Admin Team via email: admin@ashcliffe.com.au

Many EAP organisations charge Management Fees. Does Ashcliffe also charge this fee?

We do not charge management fees or retainers.

Who is the best person at Ashcliffe to speak with if I have an EAP query?

You’re welcome to contact our Admin team on 1800 468 001, as they can advise on most EAP issues, as well as make bookings. If needed, admin team members can take your contact details and arrange a call from an Ashcliffe Director.