Alcohol Misuse and Addiction

What about Alcohol?

Alcohol is a legal, readily-available drug that has a highly potent effect on the human body.

However, when you cease using alcohol or reduce your intake to levels recommended by medical research, rapid improvement is seen in your overall health.

No or low alcohol intake benefits your heart, liver and kidneys.

Sleep improvement often follows, usually with a drop in your blood pressure and weight.

This webinar presentation will assist you to understand how alcohol impacts on the individual user, particularly the effect on sleep, physical health and relationships. The webinar will also cover the following points:

  • Are there benefits to using alcohol?
  • Why is alcohol addictive?
  • Regular drinker, social drinker, or alcoholic… what’s the difference?
  • The tangible costs of alcohol use – physical, mental and relationship issues
  • Why some people need to reduce or STOP their alcohol intake
  • Practical ways to reduce alcohol intake
  • How to approach a friend or family member and express your concerns
  • Where you can get further advice and information about alcohol issues?

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