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What do we offer?

Working with First Responders

Learn how to understand and address the unique mental health needs of first responders.

Drug and Alcohol Interventions

Develop skills and strategies to support clients struggling with substance use, fostering recovery and resilience.

Clinical Assessments and Interviews

Learn how to conduct thorough assessments and effective clinical interviews, essential for accurate treatment planning.

Why Ashcliffe Psychology?

Our focus and expertise includes working with diverse client groups, including first responders, and those facing drug and alcohol challenges.

Our dedicated Learning Management System (LMS), is specifically designed for Allied Health Professionals to maintain their professional development. 

Our online courses are developed to enhance the skills and knowledge of allied health professionals.

Specialised Focus

Courses are meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of allied health professionals, ensuring relevance and applicability.

Expert Led Curriculum

Learn from a team of practitioners and educators in the allied health field, and benefiting from their experience and insights.

Flexible and Accessible

Our online platform accommodates the demanding schedules of allied health professionals, allowing for learning at their own pace and convenience.

Skill Enhancement

Elevate your clinical skills, improve client outcomes, and advance your professional growth with our comprehensive course offerings.

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About Ashcliffe Psychology

Ashcliffe Psychology is a private clinical psychology practice offering a broad range of psychological services in Perth Western Australia.

The Ashcliffe Psychology practice is comprised of a team of Psychologist’s offering a variety of areas of expertise.

The Directors, Kerryn Ashford-Hatherly and Michael Tunnecliffe have between them more than 50 years of clinical experience and both have worked in senior management roles within government, non-government agencies and the private sector.

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