Alcohol Addiction Counselling

Evidence-Based Alcohol Counselling & Treatment in Perth

Overcoming an alcohol addiction is not a process that you need to go through on your own. If you are eager to make positive changes in your life, our allied health and support staff can help you with evidence-based alcohol counselling in Perth.

We’ll guide you through the process of recognising and challenging unhealthy behavioural patterns so that you can make choices towards a future that doesn’t rely on alcohol to cope.

Our allied health team are trained in delivering evidenced based treatment to assist people with managing stress and problems in their lives therapy sessions can provide an opportunity to talk through life's difficulties to be able to make better choices , and reduce the need for substance use. so they can make better choices that can reduce the need for substance use. 

We help client’s to master life instead of addiction

At Ashcliffe Psychology, we adopt a tailored approach to every client we work with. By identifying the underlying issues that lead to addictive behaviour. We can help you develop tools and techniques for reacting to behavioural triggers and managing stressful situations in a healthier way.

Our qualified allied health team can support you as you build a sense of self-worth and help you with developing strategies to feel more in control of your life, your relationships, career and future.

Our alcohol addiction treatment is informed by the Matrix Model

Ashcliffe Psychology uses the Matrix Program (an intensive non-residential treatment program for addiction) to help our clients manage the challenges with recovery from alcohol dependency.

While the 48-week abstinence based program is a serious commitment that requires dedication, it endeavours to equip you with the emotional tools to improve your resilience, as well as manage anxiety and stress in more constructive ways.

The Matrix Program is an evidence based group therapy treatment which provides participants with recovery skills, as well as knowledge of relapse prevention, problem solving and more. It is important to recovery for family and friends to understand the journey you are on. Therefore, the Matrix Program also provides family and friends education evenings which you also attend.

There are eight guiding principles behind the Matrix Program

  1. Establishing positive and respectful relationships
  2. Creating a client-centred therapeutic structure
  3. Providing clinically relevant and evidence-based information and education
  4. Incorporating a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches to meet each client’s individual needs
  5. Ensuring positive reinforcement and encouragement
  6. Supporting engagement and education for families and friends
  7. Encouraging participants to engage in self-help and community-based programs for a more fulfilling life
  8. Random and periodic drug testing

We’re here to help you free yourself of alcohol addiction 

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If you’d like to know more about our alcohol addiction counselling and treatment services before booking a consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Please note: Ashcliffe Psychology is not in any way affiliated with, or endorsed by, Clare Matrix (USA).